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Exclamation 2016 Yahmaha Drive Bogs/Hesitation when going Full Throttle

Really need some help guys.

I have a 2016 Gas Drive. That was running fine except it was smelling bad of Gas. After tearing down the Carb, I found the bowl actually had 2 gaskets on the bowl. So I ordered a new gasket, and while i had the carb down. I downed it and cleaned everything, and even added a new jet. 8.25 i think its the one at the float , and added a new float. The guy I got the cart from broke off the air mixture screw. So I ordered a new on, and set it all the way snug, and then backed it out 1.5 turns. As per the serivce manual.

Problem is, Cart will run fine, start with out the choke, and accelerate just fine from a cold start. but once you hit top speed, when the governer kicks in, and you lit off the pedal, its when you repress the peddel, that the cart starts to bog and hesitate. If you leave the pedal pressed it will clear up and take off. If you use the choke it helps also. I have tried and taken the hose off the air box and there is no difference in preformance. Its not the Governer blocking the throttle, i let the engine rev down then accelerate.

I looked at the spark plug and it was a tan color. So I purchased a new plug, and tried again. The new plug made the cart feel stronger, but had the same problem.

The thing ran just fine, when it was smelling like gas. So i dont think it is a valve or coil wire issue.

Things I have tried.

Re moved the carb and cleaned it twice
replaced the 8.25 jet
replaced the bowl gasket
new float
new carb spacer at the engine
new (3) gaskets for the carb
new air mixuture screw with spring and cap
set the choke cable with it pulled back tight when choke is not used. Choke if fully open.
New spark plug set at .28 gap
even made sure the bolts with 124 sq IN torque per service manual.

I know there is something im missing not sure what.
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Old 02-22-2021, 06:52 AM   #2
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Default Re: 2016 Yahmaha Drive Bogs/Hesitation when going Full Throttle

Did you replace the float needle?
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Old 02-22-2021, 05:03 PM   #3
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Default Re: 2016 Yahmaha Drive Bogs/Hesitation when going Full Throttle

Update Fixed!!

Ok, so I fixed this carb. Maybe this might help someone else.

So, after going through this carb several times. I just couldnt figure out what was wrong. I started looking at the carb part diagram again and noticed that the main jet has 3 jets listed. A 825, 835, 875 , I know I purchased a 825. So got the old jet out and cleaned it on top and was able to make out 87 clearly, so that told me what was wrong, I had the wrong jet in the carb.

The website I purchased the jet off of, only listed 1 jet, and it was the 825 so being a noob, I didnt know any difference. But the site, I was on that last time listed all 3. Also it shows a note on the Jets. its AP for both 835, 825 which I have no idea what that means, but on the 875 it had a note of STD, which Im assuming that means Standard.

Long story short, I put the old jet in, and ran perfect, and no gas smell at all. So fixed with a headache. I wanted to share my experience. There is no telling how many people has purchased a new jet, seeing only 1 jet listed and it was wrong size, and the cart will not run at all.
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