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Default Golf Cart Battery Comparison

The following data may be helpful in comparing batteries among different manufacturers. Please keep in mind that only deep cycle batteries specifically designed for golf carts should be utilized in our carts. In fact, deep cycle "marine" type batteries will usually not work satisfactorily. And most certainly, automotive "starting" batteries should never be used in a golf cart. Using an incorrect battery will most likely result in short run times and early battery failure.

More data may be added as it's collected.

Note: With the Forum Admin's approval, I may add another topic with price information. In the interim, if you have current pricing on any of these batteries that you feel is an exceptional deal and would benefit others, please feel free to email the who-what-where-when info to me.

6-Volt Batteries

Trojan batteries specifications:

T-105, 447 Min @25Amps, 115 Min @75Amps, 225Ah @20Amps, 62 Lbs;
T-125, 488 Min @25Amps, 132 Min @75Amps, 240Ah @20Amps, 66 Lbs;
T-145, 530 Min @25Amps, 145 Min @75Amps, 260AH @20Amps, 72 Lbs


E3600, 390 Min @25Amps, 110 Min @75Amps to 5.25 volts, 186Ah @20Amps, 62 Lbs;
GC-5, 480 Min @25Amps, 135 Min @75Amps to 5.25 volts, 226Ah @20Amps, 65 Lbs;
GC2-H, 525 Min @25Amps, 155 Min @75Amps to 5.25 volts, 245Ah @20Amps, 68 Lbs;

NAPA 8144 (mfg. by Exide - equivilalent to Exide 3600)
390 Min @25Amps, 110 Min @75Amps, 186Ah @20 Amps, 62 Lbs

NAPA 8146 (mfg. by Exide - equivilalent to Exide GC-5)
480 Min @25Amps, 135 Min @75Amps, 226Ah @20 Amps, 65 Lbs

StowAway STGC2 (Mfg. by Exide for Sams Clubs - equivilalent to Exide E3600)
390Min @25Amps, 110 Min @75Amps, 186Ah @20Amps, 62 Lbs

US Battery:

US-1800, 392 Min @25Amps, 107 Min @75Amps, 208Ah @20Amps, 56 Lbs;
US-2000, 445 Min @25Amps, 114 Min @75Amps, 216Ah @20Amps, 59 Lbs;
US-2200, 474 Min @25Amps, 122 Min @75Amps, 232Ah @20Amps, 63 Lbs;
US-125, 517 Min @25Amps, 140 Min @75Amps, 242Ah @20Amps, 67 Lbs;
US-145, 562 Min @25Amps, 154 Min @75Amps, 251Ah @20Amps, 70 Lbs;

Deka Batteries:

GC10, (? Min @25Amps), 100 Min @75Amps, 190Ah @20Amps, 59 Lbs
GC15, (? Min @25Amps), 115 Min @75Amps, 215Ah @20Amps, 63 Lbs
GC25, 488 Min @25Amps, 132 Min @75Amps, 235Ah @20Amps, 67 Lbs


8-volt batteries


T-860, (? Min @25A), 90 Min @56A, 150Ah @20Amps, 56 lbs
T-875, 295 Min @25A, 117 Min @56A, 170Ah @20Amps, 63 lbs
T-890, 340 Min @25A, 132 Min @56A, 190Ah @20Amps, 69 lbs

Exide E-4800, 290 Min @25A, 110 Min @56A to 7.0 volts, 63 Lbs.

NAPA 8148 (Mfg. by Exide, similar to Exide E-4800)
290 Min @25A, 110 Min @56A, 63 Lbs.

US Battery:

US-8VGC, 337 Min @25Amps, 128 Min @56A, 170Ah @20A, 64.5 Lbs.
US-8VGCHC, 345 Min @25Amps, 136 Min @56Amps, 183Ah @20Amps, 69 Lbs

Deka GC8V, 318 Min@25Amps, 121 Min @56Amps, 165Ah @20Amps, 67 Lbs



Trojan T-105 & T-125, L-10 3/8 W-7 1/8 H-10 7/8
Trojan T-145, L-10 3/8 W-7 1/8 H-11 5/8
Trojan T-875, L-10 3/8 W-7 1/8 H-10 7/8
Trojan T-890, L-10 3/8 W-7 1/8 H-10 7/8

Exide (all of the above listed Exide batteries)
L-10 3/8 W-7 3/16 H-11 11/32

US Battery (all 6-volt) L-10 1/4, W-7 1/8, H-11 1/8
US Battery (all 8-volt) L-10 1/4 W-7 1/8 H-11 1/4

Deka GC15, L-10 1/4, W-7 1/8, H-11 3/8
Deka GC25, L-10 1/4 W-7 1/8 H-11 1/4
Deka GC8V, L-10 3/8 W-7 1/8 H-11 1/8


Misc. Info

Voltage on a fully charged battery in good condition will read 2.12 to 2.15 volts per cell (about 12.75 volts for a 12 volt battery, or 6.40 for a 6 volt)

Specific Gravity Readings to determine State of Charge:

12.75 & Above = 100% Charged
12.60 to 12.74 = 85 to 100% Charged
12.40 to 12.59 = 75 to 85% Charged
12.20 to 12.39 = 50 to 75% Charged
12.00 to 12.19 = 25 to 50% Charged
12.00 & Below = Fully Discharged

In both voltage and specific gravity readings, consistency among cells and among batteries is important.

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Default Re: Golf Cart Battery Comparison

WWIND, if your NAPA store is charging the same price for the 8146 as an 8144, then going for the 8146 should be a no brainer as it has more reserve capacity (which should equate to more run time). But it looks to me like you could be mistaken about the 8147 being equal to the Excide GC2-H, as the NAPA web catalog shows it to be less capacity and weight than the 8146.

Here's a link; please let me know if I am wrong...
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