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hot rod
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Default batteries or battery charger or battery cable

i have an ezgo 08 cart 36 volt and 2010 trojan t105 batteries. my problem is that the batteries never are getting fully charged. the charge will indicate up to 80% and then go to default code. the pack when charging is showing 40 plus volts on the first two batteries then on second pair 25 volts and the third pair 15 volts. when if check after an hour off charge the first 2 are at 36 volts and the second at 20 volts and the third at 12 volts. when checking individually first two are at 6.7 the next two are at 6.3 and the third are 5.9.

i was told that the 6 gauge cable was my problem so i have ordered 4 gauge cable. but i was also told that it could be my charger. but then they also said that if the charger was working and then going to the default code then it was not the charger. so what i am in the process of now is putting on the 4 gauge cable and see if i can get full charge. if not then i will check on the batteries.
if anyone knows how else to find out what is going on with my cart feel free to give your ideas
hot rod
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Gone Wild
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Default Re: batteries or battery charger or battery cable

I would start by cleaning and tightening connections at all batteries, then make sure battery plates are all covered with acid (don't add water at this time unless plates are not covered). Try running as complete of a charge cycle as you can, then let batteries rest 6-12 hrs. Record total pack voltage and also voltage of each battery and post the results here for comments. Try to get the individual battery voltage readings to 2 decimal places if possible (ie 6.32 v.) in order for the readings to be meaningful. I've posted a voltage chart below for you to compare your readings with. (note that a fully charged 36 volt pack should read 38.2 volts).
Let us know the model of your charger. (I'm suspecting you have a QE charger by reading your comments). Once you post the voltage readings, we will be able to better see what your problem may be. I'm sure johnnieb will be along to sort things out, but this info. is needed in order to help. I don't think undersize cables would affect charging. RAY
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Default Re: batteries or battery charger or battery cable

I suspect you are measuring between the negative posts on the rear batteries and the posts on the front batteries.
Except for the first voltage measurement given and individual battery voltages the others are more or less meaningless.

There are two set of battery pack voltages that are meaningful
1. Pack voltage (From negative or right-rear battery to positive on right-front battery
2. Individual battery voltages. (Between the Positive and the Negative post on each single battery)

When on charge, the pack voltage will start at whatever it is when you plugged in the charger, up to 44V to 46V where the charger shuts off automatically.

If the pack voltage doesn't climb into the 44-46 volt range while on charge something is wrong with the charger, or the batteries.
(If the battery cables were so bad that they wouldn't pass enough amps to charge the battery pack, the cart would barely move, if at all, but replacing all the high current cables on a 5 year old cart is a good idea.)

An hour after the batteries come off charge isn't long enough to deplete the surface charge, so the individual voltage reading aren't telling me much.
Let the batteries rest at least 6 hours, preferably 12 hours, and measure both pack voltage and individual voltages.

Fully charged for should be 38.2V for a 36V pack, each 6V battery should read 6.37V and all six batteries should be with 0.1V of each other.

Let us know what you get and we will proceed from there.
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