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Default Re: 1999 Club Car upgrade options

Originally Posted by flynvest View Post
Okay.....nuff said..... this was supposed to be an entertaining little endeavor but evidently it's not. My costs are about the same for the changeover. I am using an Alltrax 4855 with a DD motor ES-81. 'Bout the same in every other way. I didn't get into this for a golf cart to just play golf in or I could have left the original alone. The original 36 volt cart cost me $200.00 in good condition. I began this thread to see what I could do with a golf cart. I like to tinker, and this is a hobby to relieve stress and just enjoy reconditioning and improving the cart. I could have chosen dirt bikes, Harleys, muscle cars, whatever.... It's not the money (well, I do have to budget) but it's cheaper than therapy and it's a fun learning investment. My son and I are enjoying the experiment. We are careful and safe. Maybe the pictures of someones else's debacle are proof of what can happen. Gee, if I take my correctly lifted and performance enhanced EZ Go down a hill and turn too sharp I may roll over myself and get hurt. Should I not drive down hills because there is the potential of getting hurt? I don't feel I'm in mortal danger with a golf cart. Common sense just ain't what it used to be. I'm sure the first few nascar mechanics were ridiculed for their engine enhancements, but look what came out of the testing. I have watched a 36 volt battery literally explode just because someone carelessly let a wire spark across both poles. The battery had just been charging and had enough hydrogen built up to blow the entire top of the battery off. No, really, it did, and the guy was hurt. Maybe, done right, there is a way to improve the cart AND be frugal, AND be safe with it. There.....done..... my battery is well ventilated....
Flynvest, I think your test is cool!!! I am curious how it turns out. I wanted to try this in the worst way but could not get myself to possibly melt something. I use my cart in a campground for cruising around, sometimes at slower speeds. I was almost sure I would have caused a BBQ under my rear.

Keep us posted on your findings. Pictures are always good too.
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Default Re: 1999 Club Car upgrade options

Still going strong on the resistors. No ill effects yet. I took some pictures of the setup so I'll figure out how to add them to the thread. Installed a Datel meter and made a State of Charge graph so I can tell what's up. Only thing is.... the Datel shows the voltage of the immediate draw state and takes a while to stabilize for a true reading of the batteries. Is there any way to cure this? Or do I just wait for the stabilization to know where my charge stands? Also, my key switch is wired via the diagram on the forum. So.. my switch connects to the forward/reverse switch and the foot pedal switch to only allow the system to arm when the key is on. I had to run separate wires to the batteries to connect the meter. I then put a little toggle switch on the meter to turn it on or off just to limit battery drain when not in use. Not that it draws that much.

I just got my AXE 4755 controller and I'm debating the motor. I want speed but also a little more torque. All I've heard so far is the DD ES-81. If you look at their graph online it shows a speed of 21mph and 50% more torque. Sounds great but is DD the only motor company or is there another? I'd like 25mph at least and still get a little additional torque (50% is great but maybe I don't need quite that much if I can get more speed too). The only other option I've heard is the DD 3:2. Any input? Last question.... with brand new Trojan T-875's what should be my run time (average) on a full charge with the controller and motor? I've read a lot about losing run time with the higher amp draw motors like I'm installing. I do still need to get around 18 holes (maybe 36 on a good day). Any problem with that kind of run time or do I need to rethink this whole thing??
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Default Re: 1999 Club Car upgrade options

Try Plum Quick
also EMP they make a switchable
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