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Default Wanted: Primary Clutch 4 Harley Cart

Greetings all!!!
It's been a while. Have been laid up with bad knee injury/surgery but on the mend now. We need a primary drive clutch for my dad's 1973 Harley Davidson cart. It's a model D4, serial #7C 11218 H3. The old clutch is pretty wasted. The nut backed off & it left the cart while he was running full speed. Kind of tore it up. Would love to find an NOS one, but that's not likely. Does anyone have a good used one, or even a complete parts clutch? I know a couple vintage cart sites that sell rebuild kits, but we need a few more parts than what come in the kits, like a few spacers/washers that got lost somewhere along the road & an outer dust cover (old one's full of dents & holes). Dad doesn't get around well any more & uses his old "Hog" a lot. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!!
Mike (BB)
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