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Default 2006 DS IQ charging troubleshooting help

I literally got the little old lady car that sat in the garage. Original batteries. Never run on a golf course. Cherry except the batteries completely gone and some pretty epic galvanic corrosion.

Anyway, I have the OBC jumpered out to take it out of the equation.

Battery pack at 49.4v across the main terminals.

At the charging port I only have 39.2 v. Across positive and negative. The sensor/control line is grounded per the obc bypass.

I have a 10.2 v rise from the battery main lug negative to the main negative on the charging port. Where the heck is this coming from? The black wire from the charging port runs to the controller through the obc I think.

The fuse thing across the charging port is good.

I'm hoping I can figure this out without having to remove the back seat for motor access.

Any help appreciated.
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