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Default Re: Anyone get their cart Florida Street Legal?

Originally Posted by FRATT70 View Post
Hey guys, great thread. I was wondering, you guys mentioned several times that they check to make sure that it is an electric cart. Is there a specific reason that they only allow electric? We have been having problems here on the east coast of florida and the cops are saying that we will get a $124 ticket for riding our golf carts and atv's on the dirt roads in our area. I am trying to find info on making my gas workhorse a "farm vehicle" or a LSV. thanks for any info.
It must be an Electric Golf Cart ONLY. It's in the Florida Statues as such. Sorry

"In Florida and other states, there are specific LSV, NEV and golf cart laws and regulations governing the usage and construction of street legal golf carts, or low speed vehicles (LSV). Defined by Florida Statute 320.01(42) as “any four-wheeled electric vehicles whose top speed is greater than 20 miles per hour but not greater than 25 miles per hour,” low speed vehicles include NEV or neighborhood electric vehicles. Golf carts that are not considered LSV's are prohibited from operation on roads with a few exceptions detailed in s. 316.212. As with motor vehicles, low speed vehicles are subject to a license tax, which is the same as that prescribed in Florida Statute s. 320.08- for non-electrically powered vehicles."
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