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Default Re: Anyone get their cart Florida Street Legal?

Originally Posted by Extractor View Post
Scuba- looking good! You're the front runner now! Good idea about the windshield plug. I'm still waiting for my windshield also. Need the wiper like yours (pm sent). I'm almost there too (almost meaning 3-4 weeks).
great pics, always like pics.
I'm still weeks away as well, between getting the last parts in and installed and the DOT inspection.

Trust me, those pictures don't really show how nice that wiper looks. When I get a chance I'll get the cart outside and take a couple more.

I've also got a couple of custom Chrome plated aluminum brackets from one of my previous Harleys to mount the seat belts to, (front and rear retractors,) once I get them. Hopefully they'll work but if not I'm mount them to the rear seat rail. Hey, we're getting closer!
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