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Default Re: Big mistake with wiring light package? Please help!

Originally Posted by JustinB.Nivel View Post
The turn signal kit will come with a new rocker switch for your hazards. The brown wire will connect to a purple wire on the turn signal harness so you can turn your lights on with the indicator. Changing to a push pull is just a matter of personal preference.

OK Perfect. What about the other 2 yellow wires that come off the upgrade kit? I know I install those onto the rocker switch as well.... but what holes? the outside 2 or the middle 1 where the brown was now that it's plugged into the purple wire from the kit?

Also, the ultimate light kit comes with a new rocker switch? If so, I will not order that part. I didn't see it in the preview picture on the madjax site.

thanks for all your help!
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