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Default Re: Anyone get their cart Florida Street Legal?

Sure, The cart is going to be called an ASPT, all you have to have is reciepts for the major parts you change (this form applies to rebuilding autos more) but I kept the receipts for windshield, light kit, side mirrors, seatbelt kit, high speed motor (the dot inspectors know that no cart will go 20+ stock ! and they look). Other than that fill out buyer and seller info, and have the bill of sale with sellers full name, address, and description of cart with year, color and the amount paid. Theyre sticklers on this ! Youll need a weight slip from certified scale. Record the date you completed your build because the new title reflects that date as the vehicles new year (for example my 91 club car is now a 2009 ASPT LSV)... You wont need to prove insurance till you go to the DMV for your tag. Mike PS. Dont forget the Slow moving vehicle sign on the back, they check these also !
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