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Default Re: Anyone get their cart Florida Street Legal?

I completed the process 2 months ago in palm beach county, it was easier than I thought. The windshield is the worst part but contact Palm beach golf carts and talk to Albert @ 561-863-2177. Hes done quite a few LSV carts. As for the statement you read, it wasnt like that ! Make appointment with DOT, Mine was 3 weeks out, You go to DOT with ALL reciepts for parts (make sure they state DOT approved), a certified weight ticket from scales, and a detailed bill of sale for cart, they go check cart, IF everything is fine they put VIN plate on and give a sealed package to take to DMV, Then DMV assigns license plate. Oh yea make sure your cart is insured, I went through Allstate it was only $45 a year full cover. Got my title in 2 weeks...done deal. What makes this easy is have the paperwork and reciepts in order or its a biotch !!!
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