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Default Re: Ezgo pds 48v same speed with 22" tires as stock tires

Swap the driver side tires to the passenger side and passenger side tires to the driver side and they will be rotating in the right direction.

I'm amazed that a stock 36V solenoid has been running on 48V for a couple of years, but setting that aside, it is only rated at 85A, which is marginal for a stock PDS controller and inadequate for a 400A controller.

Also, with a 400A controller, all ten high current cables ought to be 4Ga or thicker.
Do any of the cables get more than slightly warm?

Inflate the tires to at least 15PSI. Going to 20PSI for testing won't hurt them.

However, the first red flag I see waving is the little, if any, speed increase going from 36V to 48V.
Until proven otherwise, I suspect that is due to how the controller is programmed.
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