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Default Re: Ezgo pds 48v same speed with 22" tires as stock tires

Looks like the speed after the controller upgrade was close to the expected top speed.
Not reaching the top MPH or two probably due to inadequate solenoid or high current cables.

What controller do you have?
What solenoid do you have?
Are you still running the original high current cables?

Going from 36V to 48V should have increased both speed and torque by a third.
Better speed going uphill indicates a torque improvement, but no significant speed increase indicates something is amiss.
If you are running an XCT controller, the max RPM limit may be set to about 6000RPM, so going to 48V wouldn't have increased the top speed very much.

If possible, post screen saves of the "Controller Settings" screen(s) from Tool Kit.

As for the tires: Going from 18" tall to 22" tall mathematically increases speed by 22% and reduces torque by 18%.
Due to the torque loss, the theoretical speed increase cannot be reached, but depending on the tire type, much of it will be.

On the other hand, I've heard of instances of taller low pressure tires with an aggressive tread pattern actually reducing the cart speed.

The max inflation pressure is embossed on the sidewall. If it is less than 10PSI, that is why there was no speed increase.
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