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Default Allied Lithium Charging

This is just an FYI post.
I installed my Allied Batteries and charger, not knowing what the best practices were for charging.
I wrote to Allied and asked what the "Best Practice" was for charging and this is what I got back.

With the allied charger, is it ok to leave it plugged in after charger finishes and the fan shuts off?
The scenario is the cart is at a campground. When done on Sunday I will plug it in and leave it until Friday when I get back there.
Is this practice good or should I remove the 110v power once complete?

There are a few things we recommend with charging.
It is recommended to charge lithium batteries after every use. Lithium batteries can be topped off before use as well for additional runtime. Do not keep charger plugged in for more than 12Hrs or overnight. Using a shutoff timer may help for automatic charger disconnect. This will ensure longest battery life.
The timer is a good purchase for being away from the cart for longer periods of time. We suggest plugging in the charger to the timer and set the timer to charge the cart 15-30 (I assume Minutes) a day. This is only while you are away from the cart. If you use your cart daily, normal charging is recommended.

So for anyone with Allied that is wondering about this subject....

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