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Default Re: Mikuni carb kit from Performance 670

Originally Posted by kellett5261 View Post
where would you order a carb from? I found a 30mm for $93 shipped but I'll still need the adapter to, where would you get yours from?
If it's for a Predator 670 just order the kit from Performance 670 and be done. Their carb is prejetted for that engine, and all the adapters come with it etc.

If it's for a Vanguard, I got mine at Backwater Performance. FYI the Performane 670 kit will fit a 2bbl Vanguard intake, although it's a single plenum vs. a dual plenum from Backwater.

You can use any Mikuni you want. The adapters are available online on all the big websites as well as the afore mentioned retailers.
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