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Default Drive Belt Suggestions

Hi Again my smarter-than-me friends!

I finally got to set the new Powermax 16HP in my 87 Club Car last night and the belt I bought from CPP appears to be too long even after I removed the mount plate bolts and slid the engine as far forward as it would go.

I didn't know if I should mess with the mount plate bolts and I think I'd really prefer to bolt the new motor to the plate like the old one was and leave the 4 bolts and rubber dampner alone that mount the plate to the subframe.

The EZ-GO 88-91 belt I was trying to us is 1 3/16 x 41. I have the comet 780 on the Powermax and had my rear comet driven clutch machined by Tom to accept the 1 3/16 belt, but now it looks like I need to find a shorter belt that is still 1 3/16 wide.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, is anyone looking for a brand new EZ-GO 88-91 belt? lol
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