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Default Warn Winch Question

Ok, here's my question. I'm not an electrical engineer, nor an electrician. I come here to get answers to my cart questions and you guys are very helpful with this "stuff."

So, when I first purchased my cart 6 years ago, it had a cheepie winch on the front. I replaced it with a Warn ATV RT2500 winch which has worked great. I also put a cheepie chinese built one on the rear. Of course, thinking I would not need the rear winch much (my cart is for hunting) the rear winch got used a bunch and toasted quickly. So, I just purchased a new Warn 3000 winch and it's going on the front and the RT2500 is getting moved to the rear. (Separate 12-V battery for the winch's.)

My question is, (Here's the link to the Warn site with the directions if you want to look Warn has gizmo they call a "contactor" that is suppose to go between the battery and the winch. Of course, I got one when I bot my RT2500 and looked at it and tossed it aside and just connected the winch up to the existing wires. You know....battery to switch to winch. "Hey....we don't need no stinking contactor!!" So....since I'm now installing this one...should I take the time to hook up the contactor, and since I still have the contactor for the I need to do that.

And....what the heck do these contractors really do anyway????

Thanks much.

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