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Used the hour wait time between base & clear to really clean the gun, then went after it with the clear coat.

1st coat of clear

2nd coat of clear - starting to lighten up a little

After the 4th and final coat of clear

Final body

Final nose

Up till now, I was doing so well - no trash, no bumps with the air line, no drips - runs - sags.... Master was right build up the clear coats. When it is cool, the paints sets up slower allowing more time to sag. I think the clear coat hardner was also temp sensitive, and was 'slow' - and I knew the temps were dropping in the shop....

I went around everything one more time looking for 'dry lines' in the clear coat, thought I saw one - right where I repaired that scratch. So, I blasted it and started the cleanup. One final visual before turning out the lights, and I was horrified to see this:

I laid the clear with a 1.3 tip, and have very little orange peel. I thought it was going to be 'easy street' just putting this thing back together! I'm blaming the poor lighting - again!

So, Master - you've been a HUGE help thus far - what do I do now? I was thinking about taping off around it, buying a nib kit, then wet sand it. If it doesn't turn out, maybe just cover it with some vinyl racing graphics.

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