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Default 2006 Precendent Charging Problem

Hey guys... I've got a charging issue with my 2006 Precendent that I'm hoping you all can help with.

The cart drives fine, but won't charge.

The cart won't charge using the PowerDrive charger, I've verified that the charger works on a different cart and tried a known good charger on my cart with no luck.

I had my local golf cart mechanic take a look at the cart and he came to the conclusion that the OBC was bad. In comming to that conclusion, he connected some sort of diagnostic tool to the cart and said that the OBC wouldn't respond.

I ordered and installed a replacement OBC and am still having the same problem.

I've checked the voltage on each of the batteries and it's a little low, but still well above the supposed 30v minimum for the charger to kick in. I've got 46.5 volts across all 4 batteries. Suspecting bad cables, I checked the resistance of each of the cables, they all ring out ok. I get 36 volts across the charging leads at the socket. I've checked the two fuses I can find, one for the lights and one for something else (?), they're both fine.

Frankly, I'm out of ideas, any suggestions are appreciated.

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