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Default 86 cc high charging amps

My 1986 club car project is on its way back on the road. I originally bought car for 500 bucks. Put 130 into motor due to a bad electrical lead on motor. Many days spent looking for obvious but I found it. Repaired and put in new b earings. Days after I have found the wiring crossed on the receptacle that takes the charger. Replaced the receptacle as I broke it when I cleaned the contacts. WIred according to the diagram I downloaded on this forum.

New problem is the charger wants to pull 25 amps all the time. I only let it charge for about 30-45 mins as I dont wont to start a fire. I am using a standard outside electrical cable about 15feet long to reach outlet so I dont have charger on floor. THe charger gets hot but I have not found any wires on cart that are. The batteries are 2005 or newer but I did purchase used.
Will a bad cell make the charger pull lots of amps?
The reverse horn is not hooked up. I removed the wire to the key switch and it still pulled the large amperage. Wires to motor off of FNR are 6ga. Where should I start? Test cells? Hook up reverse switch again?
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