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Default Re: 18hp vtwin needs a new carb, maybe...?

You can have junk floating around in the bowl and it will suck into a jet and poof it cuts out. Next time it runs fine and you never know, poof it does it again. But I have to say the only reason I ever bought a carb (the same carb, a replacement) is either something broke like the throttle lever came off, or the throttle shaft wore into the body so much it leaked air badly. You can clean a carb, I've never found anything from gas you can't remove or soak out. Though today with a clone engine you can buy a new carb for like $15, its almost cheaper than working on one if yours is really dirty or you can't find the issue with it.

So I doubt its worn out or that dirty, I would say they want to sell you a carb for some reason other than your problems. They likely make more money that way and are sure it is clean because its new. In case they miss something they do not have to take it off and clean it again. I mean really, if they can charge for it they would drop a whole new engine in it. It would be sure to fix whatever is wrong with it right, even just junk in the carb. And they might swap it out faster than troubleshooting the fuel and ignition systems.
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