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Originally Posted by BrewCityMusic View Post
If You want to stay simple and more or less OEM, contact Carrie at CT Rebuilds 1-706-533-2698, as long as your existing engine isn't destroyed You can use it as a core and trade up to their 375 Performance Engine for around $600 with a full warranty, that takes You from 9 to just over 13hp and retains stock sound, clutches, belts, etc (about a 45min swap if You're good at it, figure an hour and a half if it's your first swap) ... Otherwise, if you REALLY want to get nuts call Geoff at and go for the full 25hp "Big Block" conversion at around $1500-ish, that's a CRAZY upgrade but still relatively straightforward as swaps go, the sound is a bit louder than stock (almost lawnmower or "Go-Kart" loud) but the difference in torque, power, etc is insane. Drop ina set of high-speed gears with that swap and You're looking at flirting with 45 mph easily (although You'll want to do some suspension work, etc to let the cart be able to handle those speeds safely) ...
Thats Crazy,,,,,Id loved to known about the 13hp 375er about 2 weks ago.

It is really simple to switch, This was my first and it took me about an hour. But Ive ran into other issues I haven't been able to solve. Had to sign up(which i'm enjoying) and start a thread on here to try to get Ideas to fix. No luck yet.
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