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Default Melex Gas Cart

I have a Melex Gas Cart that has been lifted, and has 22" tires. It has the red motor which I beleive is the larger one. It will not climb as good as my stock ezgo electric with 20" tires. I have always heard that gas carts will do better than electric. I bought a belt from Nagy Carts in Arizona, (I beleive it was Arizona), but it didn't help. The guy there said there were 2 belts, but I am pretty sure I got the right one. He said it was probably the belt, and not the clutch. Could the clutch cause this? The ones I have found online are fairly expensive.
I bought it from my brother, who is kinda rough on stuff, so it has to be built like a tank. My brother said he adjusted the govenor of the carb to make it go faster, but I wouldn't think this would make it not climb as well. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

How can I determine the year model? I beleive I read that the red motor is a 1997 or newer.
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