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Default Re: Be The Envy of Everbody At The Golf Course - Ebay Funnay

Im one of those guys that cant leave well engouh alone. Everything I own and drive with a mtoor I have to make faster, perform better, increase the cooling ability etc. Im all about modifying but there is a time when you say why?

On that ad I just ask WHY? Maybe its me getting older but I lok at that thing and thing to myself OK its a jeep, that someone put a golf cart body on...and by doing that they achieved the following: Its not legal to drive anywhere now, there is less seating and room, and room, and off road abilities are decreased due to not enough metal and protections not to mention a roll bar. It has no reserve cause what the hell would anyone do with it. Again why would someone bother when its pretty much unusable, will perform poorly cause you cant stay in it, and to be honest it looks ridiculous..then agian all in my opinion.
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