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Default Re: Alltrax SR controller install

First thing i notice is the molex plug with the control wires needs to get cut off and spade terminals put on each of the 4 wires. Note there are 2 short wires here in the harness. The black and red ones, strip the harness jacket back and you will find these 2 wires are only 4-5 inches long. This may work for the smaller solenoid but the 400 super duty solenoid requires more reach. Make new ones about 8-10 inches with 1/4 spade on one end and #10 stud ring terminal on the other.

How is a good time to refresh all the ring terminals on Battery plus and minus. the charger connection is 17 yrs old. Not to mention the stock cable set needs replacing. I was kind of surprised how bad they looked when I pulled them out. Looks like some damage was done to one cable. That's a breakdown waiting to happen.
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