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Default Re: 2008 CC Precedent

Originally Posted by Colbyntx View Post
The 4X12V system is not used by CC anymore. It doesn't run as long as the 6X8 system. 2008's came with 2 different battery boxes. 1 with a divider down the middle between the passanger and driver and the other box had no divider and the tow/run switch on the back wall. If it has the divider then it only holds 4-12's without a conversion. If it doesn't have the divider the you can put 6-8's when you need new batteries which is better than the 12's. You would only need a couple more battery wires and another hold down.
I have the configuration with the controller and tow/run switch on a panel on the back wall in a 4X12V system and there is no divider. Eventually, once the current 2008 batteries are toast, I want to convert to 6-8s. What is involved in this conversion, are there any detailed instructions anywhere? I believe I may have read about the conversion on this forum somewhere. Thanks!!

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