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Default Re: 2008 CC Precedent

Originally Posted by trigger1937 View Post
ColbynTx,,... I just got a 2008 and it has 4-+12 volt batts. It has the divider but the tow/run switch in on the panel at the rear on the sheild for the controller. Can the divider be removed? There are a lot of people here that have the +12 in their CC and don't seem to have any problems. Some date to 2005 CC. Also do you know how to program the CC controller. Is there software that will run on a laptop. I have seen the small attachment the dealer uses to make adjustment. Appreciate your help.
Never said the 4-12's were a problem, just won't run as long as the 6-8's but they won't run as long as 8-6's. I have a 4-12 08 precedent an it fits my uses just fine just not as good for fleet cars or people who run all day in their cart. If your controller and T/R is on the back wall then it shouldent be a devided battery well? Put a pic up because I would like to see.
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