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Red face Re: Golf Carts in Mexico

gosh! you guys found me!!!... could you believe it if I told you that 4 years ago I didn't know nothing about golf carts?

Thanks for the compliments... I guess it is because I am recalcitrant perfectionist and a cartaholic, that they look nice...

I got to say that saygolfcar exists 10% thanks to some of my Industrial Engineering back up and 90% because of all this golf cart forums though!!!
And I got to give some credit (although they probably don't deserve it) to BU forum. It was the place where all started. Now, buggies(u), gone wild... so we're moving here

Right now I am just doing sales... and I am preparing 5 units for rent the next high season (from December through April around) a little bit modified to climb the really steep hills on Sayulita...
Tungpo1, my forum really sucks... I have to update that forum since I am receiving lots of spam which I'm tired to fight... Then one day doing some hack I lost a bunch of topics and the forum had remaining like that since then... perhaps I am moving the forum to an improved client, something like vBulletin, SimpleMachines or may be I stick with basic phpbb but with a newer super mod version to stop spam... I might need help of the guys on BGW forum probably???
Any recommendation?

Anyway, I am doing the site my self for now, business is good but not enough yet to pay somebody who fill my eye to have a nicer web site among with maintenance, customer support, etc... you know...

Hey, meet me, my wife and kid here

We run also a Jewelry shop, called MyJewelleryShop so I am pretty occupied! (I make some silver jewelry), the story of the jewelry business is loooong and it also has a web site... who knows, may be someday we can see some of your pictures there at the happy customers link
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