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Default Re: Golf Cart Auctions

Originally Posted by Pencil81 View Post
How do I on here. Lol

Use of the PM system.

All new members CANNOT use the PM system until the following conditions have been met.

1. You have to make 3 post's. Keep in mind not all forums you post in count towards your post count total.
2. After you have made 3 post's on the NEXT 25th minute of the hour you will have the ability to use the pm system.

Examples. If you make your 3rd post at 3:20 pm, at 3:25 pm you will be able to use the PM system. If you make your 3rd post at 3:26 pm you will have to wait until 4:25 pm to use the pm system.

If you have not met the conditions to use the pm system do not ask to have your pm privileges turned on.
Abuse of the pm system will result in your pm privileges being turned off and/or possibly banned.
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