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Default Re: 2008 CC Precedent 4 12s to 6 8s

Your cart is late 2008 - sometimes called 2008.5
You can pull some dividers from the battery box and buy some OEM 8v battery hold-down hardware from David at Revolution on this link. Call him - he will know exactly the inexpensive bits and pieces needed to convert. Your conversion is hassle free and cheap/easy to accomplish.

1) You might choose to upgrade your cables to 4 ga. Its optional - but your cart will be happier. You have to replace all of them (incl the ones to the motor) however, not just the ones between the cells to get the benefit.

2) Battery pattern - I've seen a clever battery configuration on this site somewhere - if you search you should find it. The pattern prevents wires from crossing over your filler caps. Very convenient - but you'll need a custom lengths cable set to use it I think.
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