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Default Re: 89 Columbia Restoration; Sentimental Version

I'm no expert but I did read dang near everything I could find on Parcar's last year working on my 95 (which is pretty close to yours). One of the things I learned was they didn't always put in 3 rings. From the parts sources it seemed like they could have 2 or 3. I doubt you lost a ring, most likely it only had 2 from what I could find.

As far as your costs go I think I had $700 ish in mine last summer getting it going. It was a trade for a gocart I had less than $200 in and had to do the cylinder 2 times as someone previously had a standard cylinder in a .020 bore. Mine was a total rebuild minus the crank bearing so I had it split in half.

Your HEI docs were instrimental in the recovery. I'm now using an HEI however I went through several cheap chineese ones before getting a quality Accell including a DOA parts store house brand.

As for the "hump" on the crank my 95 still had the hump thank goodness. If I had spare cash I would suspect an electornic ignition conversion from an old harley would work as well. Like you did with the points plate.

I need to find a nose cone now for mine before paint and my 5 year old wants a "lid" so I suppose I need to find a top as well or build one.

Sadly this was my 13 year old daughters cart and she passed in a car accident in January right before turning 14.
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