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Default Re: Anyone get their cart Florida Street Legal?

Originally Posted by Extractor View Post
Just got the windshield today and they sent me a hinged one! ****it!

Anyone know for sure I can not use the hinged one? They got me the invoice that says DOT AS5... but I guess I never specified a solid one... and them being in the cart business never asked.
I believe you and I are going to find out!

Florida states this: "Windshield with a AS1 or AS5 composition."
It doesn't say anything else. If you can get a shorty windshield approved like Cat Boat Racer's why not a windshield that's twice the size.

The good news is that your receipt should say Lexan DOT AS5 Folding. It really is 1/4" Lexan and can meet AS5 requirements. So I'm going for it... drilling the hole for the wiper tonight.
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