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Default Re: Anyone get their cart Florida Street Legal?

Originally Posted by scubabud View Post
Just curious if anyone actually when through the entire process to make and get their cart officially approved street legal in Florida, license plate, insurance, etc. Do you have any pictures of what you’ve done as well? We’re just deciding if it’s worth it since most of our use is in RV parks and campgrounds and any help would be appreciated.


I am in the same position. I really want to get it street legal but trying to overcome some obstacles first. One person said the windshield had to be stamped with some rating (AS5??) and another said just bring proof that it's Lexan. Everything else seemed straight forward...
Here's some of what I've found:
Basically what the state is doing is registering it as an ?Assembled from Parts? NEV.

1. Cart must be electric.
2. Must be capable of minimum 20 MPH with a maximum of 25 MPH.
3. Must have LEXAN windshield.
4. Windshield wiper (electric or hand operated).
5. Seat belts.
6. Rear view mirror (outside left) and either one center inside or one right side.
7. Red reflector on rear and each side as close to the rear as possible. (At least 24 inches from ground).
8. Headlights
9. Taillights
10. Brake lights.
11. Turn signals.
12. Horn.

Keep all receipts for your upgrades. You will need a receipt (Bill of Sale) for the cart plus a Certificate of Manufacture. You will also need a weight slip. (Load cart on trailer and drag it to a state weigh station. They will weigh it and give you a slip of paper.) With all of this you?ll need to go to the DMV and fill out some forms. You leave all the paper work. They will then make an appointment for you to bring the cart in for inspection. After the inspection, they collect any taxes that are due. They will issue a title. Drag the cart home. Call your insurance company to get insurance. Be sure they understand that it is a Low Speed Vehicle and will be operated on public streets. My company would not insure it so I called an agent with Progressive. Full insurance on a 2006 Ez-Go was $255 per year.

With the title and insurance card go to the county courthouse for the tag.
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