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Default RoyPow 48V 105Ah Drop-In Lithium for sale - Hickory, NC

For Sale - 1-year-old RoyPow 48V 105Ah Lithium Cell.

A complete "drop-in" solution to replace your lead acid batteries. It is rated at 40 to 50 miles per charge, with over 3,500 charging cycles.

I've had this for about a year, and LOVED it for riding around our neighborhood and taking it to the beach - more power, no maintenance, no battery acid, much lighter. I just legalized my cart for street use and I found that with my big tires, 500A controller, and high-horsepower motor, it could not keep up with the high amp demand on the long, steep hills in my town. It would be perfect for a more stock golf cart without big tires and big power, or where there are not so many big hills. At the beach where the roads are flat, I could drive at 35 mph all day long with no issues.

I charge it about once or twice a week, which means, theoretically, it should last about 33 years based on my usage. I've used approximately 2.2% of the advertised 3,500+ charging cycles.

For complete information about this lithium battery, visit and look at model #S51105.

Comes with everything you need: mounting bracket for CC Precedent, state of charge meter, and charger.

I paid $2,300 for it new, but it's for sale for $1,800.
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