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Default Re: Taylor Dunn Diesel Build

Originally Posted by Streetbu View Post
Interesting build, not sure if you'll get 20mph out of it with out a HUGE and EXPENSIVE pump though. You're going to need high volume to and some big wheel motors. Any idea where you might source them? It will be able to pull a train though with that Yanmar diesel!
yea when it comes to getting the hydraulic set up im alittle lost, but I haven't even found the chain gear ratio yet so I have no idea what to get for a drive motor.

when the cart was working, I only got 8 mph out of it, so if I can get 15 I would even be stoked.

I was possibly considering swapping out the ford 9 in. for maybe some sort of a hydrostatic lawnmower rear end but I plan on putting a lot a weight in the cart when I use it for logging and such so I don't really want to do that.

If anybody needs TD electrical parts just pm me , they all worked when I took them out.
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