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Default Working on a Melex 512G

OH dear lord.. my buddy picked one of these up, with the OEM 9hp briggs engine (black shroud) and its pretty much junk.. drinks oil from the valve cover like its going outta style..

So..I jerked the engine outta it and pulled the factory Salisbury off it and tossed it onto a 9hp Honda that he had... bolted right down, no major issues. I had to lift it 5/8 of an inch to clear tranny with the valve cover..but nothing a few thick shims couldn't handle. Same with clutch. had to cut material off the OEM clutch so that it would align with tranny properly.. intake, exhaust, all that is hooked up. Runs like it should.. BUT.... I need a drive belt.. the OEM drive belt is to short..

from what I can tell by using the online calculators, I need a belt thats 44.5" long.. and is 1" wide.. Closest I can get to 1" wide in that length is a belt for a sled thats .5" thick and 1.188 wide..

Anyone else got an suggestions on drive belts? As far as I can tell, I cannot adjust engine back or forward by no means.
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