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Default Re: 2017 TXT 48v - LED Light Kit

Originally Posted by kurtbelyeu View Post
Hey BGW,

I'm in search of a decent light kit to include headlights, taillights and turn signals. I'm not looking to spend 600 bucks on one either.. I bought a cheap one which wasn't even close to fitting.

Any suggestions?
Not so much a suggestion as an FYI.

I bought a 2017 48txt in 2020. It came with a RHOX LED light kit, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, etc. What the RHOX LED kit does not include is a beeper reminder for the turn signals. There's no after market beeper for an LED setup.

So, if you want blinker beeper reminder, make sure the kit you buy includes it. BTW, the incandescent light kit has an easy beeper solution. But those will use more battery power than LED.
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