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Default Solutions for a single low battery

2011 Precedent with original batteries (6 x 8v). I bought the cart in early July '14. It was a rental on a really nice course, so I don't believe it suffered much abuse or lack of maintenance / charging, but I don't know for sure.....

The cart performs well (15.2 mph on flat ground) and the batteries charge up normally, but here's the the most recent voltages after full charge and several hours rest time.

1. 8.45
2. 8.47
3. 8.35
4. 8.48
5. 8.46
6. 8.47

Battery 3 is always lower than all others. It has one of the four cells that shows on the low side of the "fair" range by hydrometer where the other three cells show "good" or on the line between "fair" & "good". The hydrometer isn't high enough quality to read the actual specific gravity reading.

Is there any specific action needed? Is there any real solution, or is it typical for 3+ year old batteries to begin showing some imbalance? Does the location of a battery in the string have any effect on its life?

Just trying to be proactive in keeping the entire battery pack alive as long as possible.
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