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Default 84 marathon fuel problem

So The old girl has been slowly dieing. Compression was 90 in forward and 85 in reverse.Ran it like that for well over a year now.Seemed to work fine. Start fine .etc. The other night on a suds run it seemed to just slow down and just die. Thaught it was out of fuel. pushed her the rest of the way to the building and topped her up. It did start but didnt like it. So called it quits for the night. Next day checked the filter and it was empty. The pump wouldnt fill it up. Pulled the line off and filled it with a syringe. It ran for a bit and died again.Checked the crank seals but they seemd fine. So I pulled the pump and cleaned it out. Blew the line from the tank back. No problem there. Cranked it with the pump off and seemed to blow out the hole in the bottom end fairly well.Put the pump back on and tryed again. No go. So tryed the compression for fun again. 75 both ends this time. Next I think i will try is pull the carb off and give it a good strip and clean . I know I should just quit and fix the compression problem but whats the worst I can do. Will the fuel pump run on that low of compression? Any other ideas is greatly welcome. I miss the old green machine not runnnin. We use it alot.
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