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Default 2006 TXT 20+amps but not charging, hot charging cable

New to the forum. I've searched the threads and read the manuals today but have not found the cause of my problem. I apologize if I've missed my answer somewhere else on the forum or in the manuals.

I bought an '06 TXT DCS cart about 6 months ago at an auction. I don't know the cart's history other than it came from a golf course fleet. Using the PowerWise, it was charging 20 Amps but not bringing it above 50% or so on the volt meter on the dash. If I'd pull the batteries and charge them in 12V pairs for 20 minutes a pair with a car charger, it will jump the dash meter up to Full. The cart runs like a scalded rabbit.

Recently (few days ago), after being plugged in for about an hour on the PowerWise, the "D" Plug got hot as a fire cracker. The next day, I pulled it apart and it got hot enough to warp immediately around the White terminal on both the male and female plug. I pulled the D plug male and female side apart, cleaned all of the terminals and cut the wires back a few inches and installed new O-ring terminals to remove a bit of light corrosion (wires are like new now). I also cleaned the copper male and female connectors back to shiny new on a wire wheel. I pulled the batteries, checked water levels and have 6.2 or 6.3 volts per battery. All battery cables are tight and clean. I pulled them all apart and made sure they were like new. As a group, they are showing 38 volts and the dash meter is only showing about 3/4 full.

I checked power at the D Plug and although the power at the batteries was 38 volts, the power at the D Plug was 24 volts. I checked the 60 Amp MaxiFuse and had bad continuity. I installed a new Maxi. The PowerWise is charging at the 20 Amp mark and the cord on the charger side is getting hot after about 15 minutes charging. Continuity at the Maxi is now good and I'm getting the same voltage at the batteries as the female end of the D plug. The wires under the seat from the female D plug to the batteries are cool as can be. I don't know if they were hot previously when the D plug was hot.

Any ideas? I'm leaning towards something at the D-plug causing a loose connection or just worn D plug terminals. Also, why would the dash meter show 3/4 if I'm still getting 38 volts across the batteries with no charger connected?
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