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Default Re: Anyone get their cart Florida Street Legal?

Originally Posted by Extractor View Post
Ok, who wants to try it first? I know it's going to be a pain in the... but I want to do it also. Anyone know where I can get an AS5 windshield for my 1998 CC? I found a place that sold it all as a kit for $500 but I just need the windshield... then I can be the guinea pig and run it through from point A to C... to nauseum (too late to spell).
I read this in a thread on another website. I'm not sure if he was for real since some of the things he wrote before this paragraph didn't quite make sense but if thats the case maybe you don't need that windshield just yet. Besides you can always make another appointment if it didn't pass.

"I sent in my paper work and got a call 3 days later. Scheduled my appointment 3 days after that and trailered my cart to the state police DMV office. Guy came outside, looked at my cart front and back, lifted the seat to verify it being electric and that was it...Didn't take it off trailer, and didn't have to demonstrate anything worked. Went inside and he typed for 15 minutes. Walked out and handed me a plate and had me write w check for everything. He walked outside and installed a bar code VIN tag inside the left hand storage glove box are and told me this is where a cop would look if I got pulled over. "
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