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Default Re: Anyone get their cart Florida Street Legal?

I have ALL of the official paper work from the DMV and have attached a PDF file with the carts requirements in making it an LSV, (just one of MANY forms.) And since they donít have a 17 digit serial number the state will supposedly issue once since youíre going to also apply for it by filling out the salvage forms as well, (Rebuilder Application Form showing all parts and receipts.) There are many other steps involved such as inspection, getting the cart weighed, etc. What Iíd like to know is who actually took this from Point A to Point B and got their cart approved along with getting a 17 digit VIN sticker, a title and then applied and received their tag, any tips they can suggest in the filling of the forms and was it worth it in the end.

Thanks again

Oxfordlawn, thanks for that link as well since you'll need both the windshield as well as that wiper!
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