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Default Has fuel but wont run without Starting fluid

My G1 golf cart stopped running. Acted like it ran out of fuel so I checked the fuel line from the mechanical pump to the carb and no fuel was coming out. I got a new fuel pump and before hooking it up to the carb I verified that it was pumping fuel (slowly but fuel was dripping out the hose when the motor was cranking). So I hooked up the line and the cart still wont run. When I spray starter fluid into the carb it will run for a few seconds though. Is there a chance that at the same time as the fuel pump going out the carb also got clogged? do these carbs have a pilot jet & main jet or only one jet for the fuel to pass through? Whats the most likely culprit do you guys think? I didn't want to pull the carb off if its not the issue but I if I do have to is there instructions on how to remove all the linkages connected to the carb? Thank you guys for any help or suggestions
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