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Default Re: Mikuni carb kit from Performance 670

Originally Posted by slonomo View Post
That's the one. It will be night and day difference. You'll still have to tune it to get it to idle and run perfectly. They should be able to help you with tech support also. (note: I have NOT used this kit on this engine)

One thing, that carb is going to make you want to drive faster Be carefull not to over rev the engine or you can damage the valvetrain components. Most stock engines will safely rev up to 4000 rpm. You could install their rev kit to help prevent that and safely rev to 5000 rpm.

On the stock carb, I found this carb to be easy to tune once you remove the caps on the idle circuit screws. It takes a little patience. Mine is dialed in pretty good and surprisingly it feels like there are no dead spots or sputters.
Yeah I installed a Tach last year so i could watch my RPMs so I don't hurt the motor. I have my little zip tie trick dialed in perfect so I run about 4500 at WOT for long extended times, I am typically the only one who drives it because my brake situation. however I do love speed lol , thats why I want to get this **** Long arm kit on so I can feel stable at higher speeds.

It's actually nice out today, I may throw on that new fuel pump i ordered and try to get this carb dialed in. it's been pretty nasty with rain lately here and my garage is so packed full on crap i cant work in the garage right now.
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