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Default Re: Mikuni carb kit from Performance 670

Originally Posted by turbof250 View Post
About to order the single Mikuni kit from Performance 670, I have some jetting questions. They set the carb up for a base line, they are at 1200' of elevation. I am at sea level in Florida, anyone have any good tips on the changes I will need?
It should start and run out of the box. Fine tuning a Mikuni seems a little tricky but once you tune one you'll get it. I recommend watching a good YouTube video that explains the process.

Most likely you'll just be playing with the idle air/fuel jet screw and idle speed screw. Both are super easy. The main jet should be good, that's the wot. The needle setting will fine tune the midrange.

This is a good one

VM vs CV vs Flat Slide is chocolate vs vanilla, but the tuning process is nearly identical.

What questions do you have?
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