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Default Re: 2000 Club Car Assistance (48volt)

Originally Posted by NoleFan4Ever View Post
Test the solenoid activation circuit by doing the following: (Cart jacked up, key on, rocker switch in Fwd, and pedal depressed)
At the solenoid small posts:
1- Take your DVM and place the red lead on the solid blue wire and the black lead on the main pack negative. You should get 48vdc or pack voltage.
2- Next, take your DVM and place the black lead on the blue/white stripe wire and the red lead on the main pack positive. You should get 48vdc or pack voltage
If you are getting those voltages then solenoid should be closing. If it is not, remove the wires from the 2 small posts and check the 2 posts for continuity across them. If none, the energizing coil is bad and the solenoid needs to be replaced. If the coil shows continuity, but the solenoid is not closing, tap on the side of it gently and see if it actuates, if it does not, then you will have to replace it.
If you are not getting the voltages at step 1 or 2; then you will have to trace back from the drawing and see where it is at. Start with the Potentiometer and go forward.

Wow it is hottt out there today! I did a little more testing with my limited knowledge so here we go.

I disconnected the connector going up to the tow/run switch. When I place DVMís red lead on the main positive and stick the black lead in the connector hole I am showing pack voltage. Of course this is before the switch rather than after. Not sure how I would check the after switch voltage without stripping the wire back.

I followed your steps to test the solenoid and step 1 isnít giving me any readings. Step 2 gives me the pack voltage. I also noticed while doing step 2 that if I place the red lead on the pack positive and the black lead on EITHER small solenoid posts it will read pack voltage.
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