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Default 2000 Club Car Assistance (48volt)

Long story short a buddy picked up a good deal on a golf cart but it hasnít been run in probably 6+ years! I told him I would try to help him with it so it is in my garage.

I pulled all the batteries out of it and topped them off with distilled water and charged them. We are going to replace them but weíre trying to atleast use them for the troubleshooting phase to see what else may be wrong. After charging each battery is showing right around 8.1 or 8.2 on my multimeter.

The key didnít seem to work right so for troubleshooting purposes I bypassed it by connecting the green and blue wires together.

When I put the cart in Run mode and and select forward or reverse and press the pedal nothing happens. I know this is generic but where is the best place to start my troubleshooting. I put my multimeter on the main positive and main negative and am showing right at 48.0v. When I hook it up to both sides of the big solenoid terminal it is showing 47.9v

Also I replaced the battery wires just because the old ones were in rough shape.

One last question do these carts have two solenoids. I am seeing the main one and then one looks like another over by the OBC.
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