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Default Re: Power and torque upgrade guidance

Originally Posted by ChuckW View Post
Thanks Johnny B

What is the cart's top speed on level pavement? - GPS Measured 15 mph with one person and 13 mph with two people

What does it slow to on hills? GPS measured 9 mph with one person, 7 mph with two

What is the measured tire height? 18 1/2"

What is the tire's max inflation pressure?
22 psi

I suspect you have some battery issue and high current cable issues. Stock cables - see attached photo

What is the pack voltage? - 37.8v 24 hours after last charge

what does the pack voltage drop to on hills? 32.1v one person on a 15% grade - 31.5v two people on same grade.

Beginning and ending pack voltage after running 30 min up and down some pretty steep hills in the neighborhood
37.8v - 36.8
Per battery
6.45 - 6.27
6.36 - 6.19
6.31 - 6.14
6.35 - 6.21
6.22 - 6.07
6.33 - 6.19

I noticed after running it I was smelling something burning so I took some temps. Do these temps seem reasonable? Again, I was running pretty continuously on some fairly steep hills. I also found a loose nut on the + post of the battery going to the controller, so I'm sure that didn't help any.
Motor - 140 degrees
Speed control and cables to batteries - 123 degrees
Battery posts 95 to 107 degrees
Batteries are borderline at the end of their useful life, based on age. Voltages while driving up a hill would be better.

They could stand a few equalization charges.

Smelling "burning" is never good. See if you can find the source.

Motor seems fine, but exterior temperature rises after stopping, as it has a lot of internal thermal mass, and cooling is reduced when there is no wind = parked. In other words, it could be WAY hotter inside.

How soon after your ride did you take voltages? Batteries recover after a while, so voltages may be artificially low. What was ambient temp? Some battery posts look hot. Other things also look hot. Good connections and fatter cables will help.
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