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Default Re: Smart BMS Questions

Originally Posted by Bruiser Smith View Post
I converted my pack to lithium - 7 Nissan Leaf Gen 2 cells (48v cart).

Like others, I'm wanting to upgrade my BMS from the basic 14s model Bob included in his original build, so I am looking at 14s models with bluetooth functionality. In looking at Aliexpress, it looks like there are newer models are configurable for different cell counts, and which have a much higher amperage rating (up to 400a).

Newer configurable BMS model

1. What's the lowest amp rating that a basic 14s BMS should be for a 48v cart?
If you are just using it as a golf cart, not a hunting cart, I'd still go with 400A as lowest. If you have a hunting cart, I'd say 500A or 600A.

2. Does it matter to buy a newer BMS with a higher amp rating (up to 400a) if I might add an additional 7 Leaf cells in the future for additional range? It doesn't matter whether you have 7 or 14 leaf modules. You are going to need a BMS with a higher amp rating than some of these electric bikes have (the lower amp BMS). See answer to question one.

3. Anyone used one of these newer ones yet and can comment? I've heard positive reviews but figured I'd ask on here as well.
I've not used one of these, but with all the configuration that one needs to run, and the cost ($110), why not buy something like a chargery BMS? A 400A BMS is $150 with LCD screen. If you want a 600A, it's $180. That thing is ready to go and he will ship you the current shunt ($45) and the low voltage relay (can't recall price, not high). As of right now, for a golf cart, I think your options are (1) zeva BMS, (2) chargery BMS, (3) Aliexpress BMS, which requires a good bit of work and knowledge. I think 1 or 2 are your best bets.
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