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Default Re: 91 ParCar only runs in reverse

Thank you for the response Lochlin. The starter does spin with no effort. In fact I am such a rookie, when the starter would spin, I thought the engine was running........then I found this site. So what I have done, is pull the plug and bring the piston up to top dead center (just a hair short of TDC). I took the rotor and with a black magic marker drew lines across the top of it to reference where my magnets were located in relationship to the module. Next I rotated the module plate to center the screws in the center of the slots per your recommendation I found in your conversion thread. I actually had to rotate the plate quite a bit and now the closest magnet is just slightly in line with the module. Loosening the screws and tweaking the rotor to the module is my next step. I feel like my timing was way out of whack. Do you think I am on the right track or am I still missing something? It got too dark and cold for me to continue to try and start it last night but hope to hit the key later this afternoon.
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